Our Team

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Michelle Taylor, 
Speech Pathologist, Director, B.App.Sc (Speech Pathology), CPSP

Michelle has over a decade of experience working in Paediatric Speech Pathology. She has worked in a variety of settings including early intervention and school age clinics, playgroups, preschools, and schools, in Private Practice and NGOs. She has extensive experience and knowledge working with children with developmental disorders, communication, Dyslexia, literacy and speech needs.


Michelle has a keen interest in wholistic assessment and management of children with Learning Difficulties and speech sound disorders. Michelle has completed many workshops as well as run presentations for parents, other professionals and education staff. She is PROMPT trained and holds a level 5 certificate in Teaching Children with Learning Difficulties which she completed while working in a specialist school for children with Dyslexia and other Learning Difficulties in London. Michelle is also certified to run the Sounds Write Synthetic Phonics Program for children who are delayed in their literacy development.


Michelle is a mother of two who understands the needs of families and endeavours to provide family-centred therapy for her clients.

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Brooke Fitzgerald, 
Speech Pathologist, Director, B.App.Sc (Speech Pathology), CPSP

Brooke Fitzgerald (previously Calpis) has over a decade of experience working in Paediatric Speech Pathology, with the majority of this time being within the Sutherland Shire. She is also a mother of three!


Brooke has worked in a variety of settings, including preschools, schools and home based intervention. She has vast experience in a range of therapy approaches to treat speech, language, fluency (stuttering) and reading, spelling and writing skills. She has run many workshops in preschools and schools, providing inservice training to teachers and information for families. 


Brooke is a passionate and committed therapist who builds strong relationships with her clients, their families and other health professionals. She strives to constantly improve her knowledge and skills through keeping up with the latest research and by reguarly participating in professional courses. 


Kristina Vulkanovski,
Speech Pathologist, B.App.Sc (Speech Pathology), CPSP

Kristina is a highly-motivated and energetic Speech Pathologist. She provides a fun, family-centered approach to therapy and tailors her sessions to suit the needs of her clients.

Kristina has worked with young children, and school-aged children (primary and high school) across various settings including schools, preschools, private clinics, home setting and community health centres in Sydney and Darwin. Kristina has worked alongside many health professionals and loves to take a holistic approach to intervention.

Kristina is committed to ongoing professional development and maintains evidence-based practice in all her work. Kristina is formally trained in Hanen ‘More Than Words’ program and is accredited in the THRASS course for reading and spelling difficulties. Kristina has also completed introductory courses in DIR Floortime. She also has a keen interest in supporting clients with alternative, augmentative communication devices and has completed training across many of these devices.

Eva Lindsay,
Speech Pathologist, B.Speech Path, MSPA, CPSP

Eva is one of our motivated and caring Speech Pathologists at Leap. Her calm manner ensure that children always feel comfortable in their sessions and therefore achieve to their best.

Eva enjoys creating vibrant and engaging sessions for all of her clients. She believes it is important to involve parents, families, teachers and other professionals closely throughout the assessment and therapy process to maximise progress towards functional goals outside the clinic.


Eva has experience working with children in a variety of settings including private clinics, primary school and community health centres. 

Eva is committed to ongoing learning by keeping up to date with the latest research and attending professional development courses.

Jessica Beshara,
Speech Pathologist, B.Speech Path, MSPA, CPSP

Jessica is one of our vibrant and enthusiastic Speech Pathologists at Leap. Jessica has a sweet and caring manner that ensures clients and their families feel at ease in the clinic.

Jessica is motivated and passionate in developing goals and activities that children are able to work towards and achieve success with while having fun! She has a particular interest in speech sound disorders, language speech delays and disorders and literacy. She always ensures sessions are fun and rewarding for her clients.

Jessica is trained in the synthetic phonics programme 'Sounds Write' to support children with literacy delays and keeps up to date with the latest research and undertakes consistent professional development to ensure she is providing all of her clients with the best possible therapy and outcomes.



Lauren Pratt
Speech Pathologist, B.Speech Path, MSPA, CPSP

Lauren is a warm and enthusiastic Speech Pathologist who is passionate about supporting the speech, language, fluency and literacy needs of children and adolescents. Lauren has experience working across the public and private sectors. She has worked with children in clinics, schools, preschools and community health. Lauren has a particular interest in speech sound disorders and stuttering.

Lauren understands that every child is wonderfully unique. She is dedicated to working with families to develop individualised, functional and meaningful goals. Being a parent herself, Lauren understands the importance of having parents/carers involved in all aspects of the Speech Pathology journey and highlighy values a team-based approach to ensure holistic care and maximum gains.

Lauren is dedicated to providing care that is evidence-based and endeavours to stay up-to-date with best practice through ongoing professional development.



Jessica Lang
Speech Pathologist, B.Speech Path, MSPA, CPSP

Jessie is a passionate and caring Speech Pathologist who enjoys working with children across all ages. She provides a warm, creative and fun environment for her clients to feel comfortable, engage in therapy and achieve their best.

Jessie has experience providing services to children who have a variety of diagnosis and abilities within Community Health, School, child care and hospital settings.

Jessie is dedicated to her own ongoing professional development, and to providing evidence - based practice. Jessie's commitment is a focus on home and school centred goals through establishing and expanding connections with parents and teachers.



Tina Goodman
Speech Pathologist, B.Speech Path, MSPA, CPSP

Tina is an enthusiastic and caring Speech Pathologist. She views clients and their families in a holistic manner to make therapy functional for their everyday lives.  

Tina has experience working with children in various settings including preschools, schools and private clinics. She has a passion for working with children with early language, literacy and speech sound difficulties.  

Tina is committed to providing evidence-based assessment and therapy that incorporates the interests of her clients. She is trained in Key Word Sign and has attended workshops such as Sue Larkey’s Making it a Success. She endeavours to continue developing her knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development.  



Emily Carter,
Speech Pathologist, B.App.Sc (Speech Path), MSPA, CPSP

Emily is a lovely member of our Speech Pathology team. She has a gentle, encouraging and friendly manner that allows children to feel comfortable and able to achieve. 

Emily is passionate about helping young children grow and develop their communication skills to achieve their full potential. She enjoys building relationships and helping children to reach their goals while making therapy fun and interactive. 

Emily has experience working with children in private practice, their childcare, school and home environments. She works hard and enjoys keeping up with current practice and research to ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients.


Amy Thompson,
Occupational Therapist, B.App.Sc(OccTherapy), MAHPRA, MOTA

Amy has over a decade of experience working in Paediatric Occupational Therapy. She has worked in a variety of settings including an autism specific clinic, early intervention program and disability specialist school with attached post school program where she played a key role in developing therapy programs.

Along with her Occupational Therapy degree, Amy also holds a certificate in Special Education (behaviour problems) and has worked as a behaviour clinician. Amy is constantly continuing to develop her skills. She has undergone additional training in sensory integration, Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol, Theraputic Listening Proticol, Handwriting Without Tears program, SOS Approach to Feeding and many more. 

Amy is a mother of three and understands the importance of working with clients families to achieve goals. She has experience presenting to families and preschools on a range of topics. 

Amy is also an approved provider under the Better Access to Mental Health Initiative.


Adrienne Del Din, 
Occupational Therapist, BHlthSc., MOT, MOTA, MAHPRA

Adrienne is one of Leap's wonderful Occupational Therapists. She is passionate about ensuring that her therapy helps client's achieve greater engagement and confidence in their everyday skills. 


Adrienne's gentle and friendly approach enables client's to feel comfortable in the clinic and happy to attend and work hard towards their goals. Adrienne has experience working with children in schools, in the clinic and in their home environment. Her experience includes working closely with children with learning difficulties, autism and other developmental delays. 

Adrienne is always keen to further develop her professional knowledge through continuing Professional Development in order to keep up-to-date with all new research and information to best treat her clients.

Anna Gibson,
Occupational Therapist, B.OccTherapy, MAPHRA, MOTA

Anna is an enthusiastic member of our Occupational Therapy Team. Anna strives to provide a fun, caring and family centered environment to help her clients reach their goals and build their confidence. She enjoys seeing her clients happy and thriving during their sessions.

Anna has experience working with children in a variety of settings including private clinics, primary and high schools, and in client's homes. Anna's experience extends to working with children who have a variety of diagnosis and abilities. Additional to her clinical experience, Anna has spent time working overseas as a nanny for children with additional needs and brings this understanding of a client's everyday living challenges to her therapy goals and sessions.

Anna is committed to further developing her professional knowledge to ensure she remains up to date with all new research and changes in her field.


Yasmin Stansfield
Occupational Therapist, B.OccTherapy, MAPHRA, MOTA

Yasmin is one of our passionate Occupational Therapists. She is motivated to ensure that her clients are provided with therapy that can enable them to engage and achieve their goals in a supportive and caring environment.

Yasmin has experience working across various settings including community health, private practice, schools, pre-schools and in the home to assist clients with a variety of diagnosis and abilities. Yasmin's experience in these settings has allowed her to identify the importance of working with not only the client but also their family, treating team and other services such as schools to maximise her client's potential to achieve their goals.

Yasmin is committed to further upskill and expand her knowledge of interventions and practice guidelines. This is to allow her to integrate the latest research and information from professional development courses into her therapy to best support her clients.   


Elliette Cross
Occupational Therapist, B.OccTherapy (Hon), MAPHRA, MOTA

Ellie is an enthusiastic and energetic member of our Occupational Therapy Team. Ellie is passionate about providing a safe and supportive environments for her clients so that they are able to engage in therapy, grow, build confidence and achieve their therapy goals. Ellie enjoys creating meaningful relationships and helping children and families in a fun and holistic way.

Ellie has experience working across a variety of settings including community rehabilitation, provate practice and community mental health. These experiences have given Ellie the opportunity to work with clients with a variety of diagnosis and abilities.

In addition to her clinical experiences, Ellie has experience working as a swimming teacher and gymnastics coach for children with additional needs and difficulties. This has given her a greater understanding of the importance of engaging in meaningful everyday activities.

To ensure the best outcomes for her clients, Ellie is dedicated to further expanding her knowledge and skills by remaining up to date with the latest research and practices within her field.


Natasha Dixon,
Practice Manager

Tash is one of our lovely Practice Managers. She has many years of experience in HR and came to Leap with a passion for being part of helping people. Tash is also our intake officer at Leap and her ability to support families through this process is invaluable.


Tash has a gentle, warm and welcoming presence which easily sets new and current clients and their families at ease. As well as being a lovely presence in the clinic, Tash is also Leap's intake officer and works tirelessly to listen to the needs of new clients and place them with one of our fantastic therapists.



Angela Field

Angela is one of our friendly and organised administration staff at Leap Therapy Group.


Angela's lovely nature ensures a friendly and welcoming environment within the clinic for staff and clients. Angela has experience supporting families in bookings and client experience in her previous job which are perfectly suited to her work at Leap. Angela is motivated and highly organised and a valuable part of our administration team.


Corrine Griffths

Corrine has been part of our administration team for many years with a gap to have her third child. Her bright welcoming smile and welcome makes all clients and families feel instantly at ease and comfortable.

Corrine has a wealth of experience working with children and families from her work as a Primary School Teacher. She understands the needs of children and how to help support their families.