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Group Descriptions

Leap Therapy Group offers a range of groups for our clients. We run some social communication pairs and groups during the term as well as fun and engaging school holiday groups.

Our School Holiday groups include activities that focus on social engagement and interaction, problem solving, following instructions and verbal communication.

We aim to provide groups that cover a range of kids interests from Lego to cooking to science fun, there is sure to be a group that your child will love!



Please see the flyer below for upcoming groups below. 

School Holidays  


Leap's Literacy groups are designed to support children who are struggling to learn to read, spell and write and are falling behind their peers.

Our Literacy groups are developed by Speech Pathologists using evidenced based Synthetic, systematic phonics and language development skills necessary for successful literacy success.

Early Literacy (k- yr 2): Phonological awareness skills of blending and segmenting, sound- letter correspondence, introduction of consonant diagraphs.

Upper Primary Literacy(yr 3 - 5): consolidation of blending and segmenting skills, vowel diagraphs and morphology (e.g. prefixes and suffixes).



Fine Motor & attention

Fine Motor skills are necessary for handwriting and self care skills.

Leap's fine motor groups are developed are facilitated by our Occupational Therapists to support children with their pencil grip, scissor skills and fine motor for self care skills.

Fine motor (k - yr 2): Pre-writing and handwriting, pencil grasp, strength and accuracy of fine motor movements, posture for handwriting success.

Fine motor (yr 3-5): Pencil grasp, fine motor strength and accuracy, writing shapes and posture for handwriting success.

Fine Motor & table top attention (k - yr 2): Pre- writing and handwriting, fine motor strength and accuracy, sensory regulation for attention during table top tasks.


School Readiness groups support children to have a successful start to school.

Leap run school readiness groups to support children in their start to school. They are developed by Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists and facilitated with 2 therapists per group.

Skills and goals targeted:

  • Social skills, attending and engaging in tasks while in a group setting.

  • Pre-literacy skills including sound and letter knowledge, blending and segmenting sounds.

  • Early Handwriting and fine motor skills practising holding pencil and drawing shapes for early handwriting, using scissors, opening snack packets and zippers.

School Readiness 


Early Language workshops are aimed at providing parents with strategies and techniques to aid their child in developing early language skills.

Leap run workshops at various times throughout the year. These workshops are developed by experienced Speech Pathologists.

Educating parents on:

  • Typical language, speech and play development

  • How to engage your child and move them along the continuum of play skills

  • Stimulating early speech sounds

  • Specific language development strategies

Early Language

Please see info below for our

July 2024 school holiday Groups.

Upcoming School Holiday Details
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